Free Student Licenses in response to COVID-19

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We recognise that everyone is going through a lot of adaptation at the moment, and many people do not have access to their labs or other department services. This post is aimed at helping students within the LA-ICP-MS community.

iolite is currently offering students a free Student Licence. This is a specific licence class exclusively for students, and is available free of charge for a limited time only (extended until further notice). There are additional clauses to the Student Licence:

  • It can only be used for work directly related to the student’s degree (so, no part time work in the lab, or work for others in the student’s research group etc)
  • It can only be installed on the student’s personal computer (so no lab or shared computers. University owned computers for the student’s exclusive use are OK.)
  • The student will need to send a scanned copy of their student ID to us via email. We will delete it as soon as we receive it and not store their details. It’s just to verify that the licensee is a student.

The license is valid for one year, but you can reapply after that. If you have any questions about the Student License, or would like to apply, please email us.

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