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You may have noticed a dialog that looks as below when you run iolite for the first time after updating.

Update dialog

The reason you are seeing this dialog is that a variety of files are included with iolite but live outside the iolite folder and may be modified by users. This poses a problem when updating iolite: we may have modified the files for the new release but you may have modified them yourself (and with good reason) locally. We do not wish to upset people by overwriting their changes, so we keep track of the hashes of these files as they were when putting out releases. If you have not modified any of the files yourself (i.e. their current hash on disk matches one of our releases) then we will update the file automatically. If you have modified the file (i.e. their current hash on disk does not match one of our releases) then you will see the above dialog asking you what you would like to do.

In the example shown above, I have modified the G_NIST610 reference material file and the iolite_helpers.py script that is used for fitting, concordia/discordia ages, etc. All of the checked items in the list will be updated to our latest version of that file. Unchecked items will not be updated. If you click cancel no files will be modified, but you will be prompted again next time you run iolite.

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