Transforming laser data into channels and results
· ☕ 3 min read · ✍️ Joe
Using laser logs to help sort out what’s what in your data files is a significant time saver. Now, with iolite 4’s python API (see here and here for more info) you can do even more with your laser data!

Installing additional python packages
· ☕ 4 min read · ✍️ Joe
iolite comes with many useful python packages, but we cannot anticipate everything our users might want to use python for in iolite. If your great idea depends on additional python packages that we do not include, here is a quick overview of one way you can install those packages.

Downsampling and exporting time series data
· ☕ 3 min read · ✍️ Joe
We recently had an email asking about exporting time series data that had been smoothed by averaging. It turns out this is something very easy to do with iolite 4’s built in python interpreter.

Manipulating selections from python
· ☕ 2 min read · ✍️ Joe
A reminder about selections A selection in iolite is simply a named (and grouped) period of time. Data processing in iolite revolves around groups of these selections and groups of different types.

Python integration
· ☕ 5 min read · ✍️ Joe
If you are using iolite 4, you’ve probably noticed references to something called ‘python’ in the user interface. Python is a general purpose interpreted programming language widely for many things, but has become particularly popular among scientists for data processing and analysis.